You’ve Heard of David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar and Maybe Even Gary Cherone, But Do You Know About Van Halen’s 4th Singer?

Van Halen fans know about the two main singers in the band’s history, David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar. They even know about the album and tour with former Extreme singer Gary Cherone. But most fans are unaware of their other singer, Mitch Malloy.

Before Van Halen hired Gary Cherone, they auditioned and offered the job to Mitch Malloy. When Mitch saw Van Halen walk out on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards with David Lee Roth, he knew that was it for him. Mitch tells the whole story in this video.

It wasn’t all in vein though. Before they parted ways, Van Halen gave Mitch an instrumental demo that he later added his lyrics and vocals to. So here’s a Van Halen song, with singer Mitch Malloy, you have probably never heard before. It’s called, “It’s the Right Time”.

Is this the final chapter to this story?